Friday, July 16, 2010

Daisies in a Teacup

I like paintings that are cropped tightly. Sometimes it's hard to set up a painting of objects that touch the top margin of the painting. Anytime I feel uncomfortable with a finished piece, I usually find that it can be improved by cropping. I used to have alot more trouble with this, until I started painting aceos and small-format pieces. You have to zoom in on the essence in a small-format piece. In this painting, I used my favorite blue: Schmincke Paynes Grey Bluish. Also I'm loving Winsor & Newton's Quin Gold - it's so rich.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Texas Bluebonnet

Another attempt in my never-ending quest to capture the Bluebonnet. I'll never be happy till I feel like I can capture them in a way that pleases me. This one makes me happy, anyway. Don't know why they drive me crazy. I always outline them in black waterproof ink. I used to use Kooh-i-Noor pens for that, but they were so frustrating. Now I have the greatest solution: Pigma Micron pens. Perfect! Long-lasting, easy and inexpensive.

Friday, July 2, 2010

My Homemade Brush Dryer/Hanger Basket

I thought I'd show you my homemade brush dryer/hanger thingy. I wanted a way to dry and store my brushes that would be the kindest to the bristles. Storing brushes on their sides is no good, because the moisture stays too long and can rot the base of the bristles, and possibly rust the ferrule. I couldn't find anything that would work, so I made my own. It's just a large basket with a handle, some oversize plastic clothespins, and some nylon cord. 
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