Friday, November 21, 2014

Original Watercolor Painting of Tulips

Watercolor Painting of Red Tulips in Terra Cotta Pots
Red tulips seem like holiday flowers to me.
These were painted in watercolor on Fabriano CP watercolor paper,
using a variety of paint brands:  Winsor & Newton, Sennellier, Schmincke, etc.
I don't use just one paint brand.  The colors vary so much between brands.
For example, Hookers Green by Graham is remarkably different
from Hookers Green by Grumbacher.
So I make lots and lots of color charts, and then choose the swatches that
I like best.  I think I have favorites from almost every paint brand:
Winsor & Newton, Sennellier, Schmincke, Grumbacher, Graham, DaVinci,
David Smith, and a few others.


cathyswatercolors said...

simply beautiful...

LoveToArt said...

I love the way you provide some definition with the pencil or pen outlines, and then "suggest" the potted plants. Brilliant and beautiful. You did a nice job of not overworking the painting, too. By leaving suggestions of color, we can enjoy the depth of your plants in a refreshing presentation of the thought. Beautiful!!

Louisette said...

Wonderfull watercolors tulips, , greeting from Belgium in Mons

Elizabeth Merchant said...

Clean and crisp. Kudos.

bevvy c said...

I love, love, love your paintings :) The subtlety, and suggestive strokes that evoke (as you've mentioned somewhere) "quiet emotion".

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