Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Controlled Blooms in Watercolor Paintings

What is a "controlled bloom" in watercolor? First you have to ask what is a "bloom"? A "bloom" is when you start painting next to another painted area that is almost dry...but not quite. Suddenly the water and pigment from your new area begins to invade the older, almost-dry area, and that creates a wild, random flooded area that is unpredictable. It looks a little like an incoming tide on the beach. This little painting has quite a few "blooms". Were they accidents? No! I LOVE blooms, so I try to create them all the time. When I create them on purpose, I call them "controlled blooms". To most watercolorists, a "bloom" is a bad thing. We are taught in school to avoid them. They supposedly ruin a watercolor. Hogwash. I think they make a watercolor much more interesting. I ignore most of the "watercolor rules" that I have read about.  What do you think?

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