Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Bouquet of Strawflowers Painted in Watercolor

Painted in watercolor.  A casual bouquet of simple flowers,
painted in pastel tones.  I love Strawflowers.
So simple and soft, nothing fancy or flashy.
Very sweet flowers.
I have prints available, and custom paintings are available
on request at Tranquility (at)

Monday, September 18, 2017

Pink Roses Watercolor Painting Flowers Floral Botanical

Pink Roses and a New Home

I've just come thru an exhausting move to a new home. It's just a few blocks away
 from my old home, but it was still a major ordeal. I moved all my watercolor studio items
 by hand, in my  trusty little Chevy Cavalier. One load at a time. It took a long time, cause
 I'm nearly 70 years old  and it was hovering around 100 degrees here in Texas.
 As the British say, I feel like I've been drug thru a hedge backwards.
 One of the reasons for my move was that I needed a bigger studio space, and
 now that I've got it, I'm itching to get back to painting. In fact, the second night in my
 new home I started painting flowers. And now that I have room, I have some larger florals
 on the drawing board. Flowers are my therapy. My refuge when the world outside
 is so chaotic. I hope they provide relief for you, too.
By the way, my little Chevy Cavalier is now 17 years old, and I have no
intention of ever letting her go.  She's a gem.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Wildflowers in Glass Jar Watercolor Painting

Wildflowers in Glass Jar
I'm painting wildflowers in my watercolor studio, as usual.
They are one of my two favorite subjects - wildflowers and laundry day scenes.
I'd rather have a glass jar of wildflowers than a big fancy
vase of expensive hothouse flowers, any day of the week.
Painting wildflowers is keeping me grounded, cause I'm also packing up to
move across town, and that is extremely stressful.
But I'll have a much bigger painting space, and that's wonderful.
I will have some much larger floral watercolors soon.
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THANK YOU for looking at my little blog.
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